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Inc Models operates with speed, understanding and ethics for a broad spectrum of editorial and commercial clients. We have a strong track record when it comes to scouting and developing homegrown talent, as well as sourcing prestigious international models. Our special bookings board promotes a diverse mix of artists and actors.

CLIENTS: We keep your brand and vision in mind when we bring models to your attention. Our eclectic board, from 16 to 60, can match any requirements: from high-end to high street. We always have the edgy look of the moment, as well as classic appeal.

MODELS: By representing a select board of quality models, we make sure we give you the attention you deserve. Our passionate bookers have the expertise to offer advice and guidance that will propel your career and maximize your modeling potential.

El Dorado Residencial
11001 MNG
Managua, Nicaragua

T: + (505) 7794-9286
E: [email protected]

Other Offices

San Jose, Costa Rica

123 Curtis St. San Jose, Costa Rica 4
[email protected]

Mexico City, Mexico

58 Curtis Rd. Mexico City, Mexico 2C
[email protected]

New York, NYC

123 Curtis St. New York, USA17
[email protected]

Madrid, Spain

58 Curtis Rd. Madrid, Spain 2C
[email protected]

Los Angeles, CA

44 Curtis St. Los Angeles, USA
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Dubai, UAE

58 Curtis Rd. Dubai, UAE
[email protected]

Victoria, Hong Kong

221 Curtis St. Victoria, Hong Kong
[email protected]

Miami, FL

#11 Curtis West. Miami, Fl. US 2C
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