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What is Inc Models?

Inc Models is an exclusive modeling agency founded in 2020 by the international advertising group Curtis Times, which collaborates with a wide network of clients for fittings, showrooms, runways and commercial productions. It is the first and most powerful modeling agency based in Managua, Nicaragua, which is well connected with the main luxury brands in Italy, France, New York and London. We offer both our clients and our models a competent and highly professional service, based on our extensive experience in the field of fashion. Respectful, careful and considerate handling of our models comes naturally to us. Due to our efficient management and dedicated attitude, the company is growing exponentially.

Great Models

01. Fashion

Fashion marketing comprises the application of marketing techniques focusing on the fashion consumer and its potential customer, relating it to the products offered by the industry brand. Marketing techniques applied in the fashion industry differ from its development in other areas

02. Design

Design in marketing is more than the logos, images, page layouts, and unique fonts that comprise your brand’s aesthetic; it is the corpus callosum that connects your company to your brand, and ultimately to your customer. Many companies, especially those in their adolescence, are tempted to take on the job of design themselves.

03. Innova

The main purpose of innovation marketing is to open up new markets and ultimately lead to an increase in the business ’sales. Innovation marketing also aims at newly positioning the business ’products as well as addressing the customers’ needs. As the dynamics of business keep changing.